Pilot: Brody Goble

Chassis: 1990 240 hatchback

Engine: 6 cyl RB20DET

Skyline power with out the weight of the hefty skyline body. This projects goal was to take a motor that performs very well and match it up with a car that has the potential of a modern race car, but doesn't have the power or advancements in technology as the newer S chassis or the newer skyline have. This was accomplished by seamlessly installing the reliable RB20 into the front of the 240 building mounts and much more to move as much of the motor to the middle of the car for the best weight transfer possible. An RB20 transmission was also connected and a skyline GTR rear subframe, diff, axles and brakes were fitted. HKS Hypermax coilovers were fitted and brought to a stance, along with rear adjustable links, front adjustable tension rods and all the supporting bushings and hardware. R33 gtr front brakes, S14 front hubs and arms were used to produce a wider, better handling setup. All in all this car, with the parts that are fitted, should perform beautifully, hug the inside corners and leave its signature all over the road.


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